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At Buy My Bikes, we listen to what you want and how you ride and have created our expansive bike selection as a result. We’re always sourcing the best bikes to suit any level of riding and type of riding. With years of research and experience, we’ve selected the best brands currently available like Electra Bikes, Detroit Bikes, Haro, GiantPremium BMX, Redline, F-It, and our newest bike line, the ePerformance Haibike. We invite you to come in and see Orange County’s largest inventory of bikes and accessories, all of which include a free year of service!

what you get with your new bike from buy my bikes

FREE 1 Year of service covering ALL labor for 1 full year
1 Year warranty on fork and parts
Lifetime warranty on frame (except F-It Bikes)
We service all bike models including entry level
10% off on ALL accessories, even Car Racks and Trailers, for 30 days including the day of your purchase

What makes BMB Different from the rest

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
We will match any price within 20 miles of our store and beat it by $1.00
We have BEEn in business for over 40 years and always focus on making our customers happy!

We have been passionately developing bikes in Germany since 1995 and can draw upon almost 100 years of experience from our parent company WinoraGroup. With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, we opened the doors to a completely new bike sport: ePerformance. ePerformance combines physical performance with electric support. Ride an ePerformance bike and you will feel the power, balance, and freedom our high-end power assisted bicycles provide. Despite their kinship, Haibike ePerformance bikes are not bicycles with assistance nor are they motorcycles with pedals. They are a completely new class: one with its own characteristics, its own products, and its own culture. You have to come and try one today and be prepared to have your mind blown!





 Electra Bikes

In 1993 Electra’s owners Jeno & Beno had a hard time understanding why nobody made a quality cruiser bike like the old Schwinn bikes from the 1960’s. Everybody was cutting corners. They thought if they used the best quality hubs, cranks, headsets, wheels and great paint there would be great demand for their bikes. They were right! Electra Bikes are lifetime bikes. You buy and they last, from kids to adults, the quality and price reflect why they are so popular. Powered by the Bosch motor system, they are built to last. We carry the men’s and ladies Cruiser 1, Cruiser 7D, Lux 3i, the Townies in 3, 7 and 21 gears plus the Townie Go Electric and all of the fashion cruisers and kids bikes.

 Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.43.24 AM
Giant Bicycles

As its name implies, Giant is a big company. They produce more bike-shop-quality bikes than any other brand in the world. Like many so-called “full line” bike brands, Giant offers something for any price point, interest, or age. But compare the quality of any Giant to a comparable model from another “full line” brand, and you’ll see why we have so many Giants on the floor. Giant has some of the most cutting edge technologies found in the industry today and is one of the few brands producing their own carbon from scratch. Their mountain bikes feature a suspension design that eclipses even overpriced boutique brands. Giant’s quality is so well respected that they manufacture frames for brands like Scott, Trek, and Colnago. It’s no surprise that almost every Buy My Bikes employee owns at least one Giant. All Giant Bikes come with a lifetime warranty (best in the business) on all frames, including carbon fiber frames.


Full Range of BMX Freestyle bikes, including Shredder 12, Shredder 16, Shredder 20, Shredder Pro 20, Shredder 24, Leucadia  20”, Downtown 16” and 20”, Flightline 20 boys and girls and Flightline 24 boys and girls.

Bob Haro started Haro bikes over 30 years ago and makes a full range of BMX freestyle bikes including dirt jump, kids, and mountain bikes for ages 2 to 69! Haro 12, 16 and 20″ children’s bikes are great sellers and unbelievably tough, and they’ll bee very happy with this choice. Haro bikes have a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year on parts plus our one year of free service. Check them out today!


Want a commuter bike that can go anywhere and is built in the Motor City? Detroit Bikes cuts, copes, bends, welds, paints, assembles, and packages each bike in their 50,000 square-foot factory in west Detroit. We carry their commuter bikes, the A-Type plus their step-through B-Type, that feature an internal gear hub plus coaster brakes. Detroit Bike’s mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design. We agree, and suggest you try one today to see why they are so great!


F-it Bike Co.

Chris Muller, the owner of S&M, started F-It Bikes 10 years ago. He wanted to make an affordable and complete bike where the core BMX jumper kid could get a great quality bike at a very affordable price. We currently carry over half a dozen of these affordable models to choose from, including the 18″ and 20″. These bikes have an unbelievable parts group, including sealed bearing hubs, headset and bottom bracket, cool colors awesome. We have most all of the F-It Bikes in stock at all times.


Redline Bicycles

Redline is a classic BMX brand and one of the first, inventing the three-piece tubular chromolly cranks! If you rode one 30 or so years ago you might want one for your son or daughter! Bring them in and show them what it’s like to ride a classic.