My thoughts of the Buy My Bikes store

I think that Buy My Bikes is an exellant place to go when ever you want to buy something such as bike purchases , or scooter purchases , such as for me , i pretty much go there like 3-4 times a week and whenever i go there , im the guy that buyes lucky scooter parts , whenever i enter buy my bikes tere are always the guyes who welcome me inside their store such as the eployees and the owner , he said himself that i was one of his best customers there. He said that because i always buy lucky scooter parts. I have spent about over $160 purchasing lucky scooter parts , i have baught a lucky deck , a lucky clamp , a lucky fork , and that was pretty much all my savings and i chose it to spend it at Buy My Bikes because i no that there are always people there that will welcome me and also because the owner knows that i would never steal from there, thats ehy i like Buy My Bikes so much

The kid who wrote this : Mikey Alexander
Age : 13
Date : 5/8/13