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I use to shop there all the time. Bought one of my favorite mountain bikes there. Aside from bikes I always bought my flexfit Fox..

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San Juan Soul

My parents bought me my first bike from Buy My Bikes (over 35 years ago). I’m now 40 and just bought this bike from the same guy, same..

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Nailed it!

Hey BMB!

Just wanted to let you know that my new Anthem 29er took me across the finish line 1st in my class last night at the OTH (Over..

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my bike is blue

i like to be in the shop because know all of them and there nice, funny, and do quality work and the r great employes they help me out a..

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BMB Listened…

About a month+ ago I was surfing the BMB website. I was annoyed at the “Buy My Bikes” tag line being screamed at me every time I went to..

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Showed up last week to drop off my kid’s bike – he’d smashed into something and I couldn’t get things back together quite right. BMB’s..

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Thank you!

Hey Jim

This afternoon, I brought in my Gaint Anthem in with a broken chain de-railer. I expected to drop it off and pick it up in a..

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