Picking the right size bike for your child

Generally, most children will try a two-wheeler with training wheels at around age 3. When picking a bike...

Generally, most children will try a two-wheeler with training wheels at around age 3. When picking a bike, your child should be able to sit on the seat and touch the ground, not on the toes, but with their flat feet. Not only does this size them for safety, but also to gives them a positive experience, building their confidence to eventually transition from training wheels.

Learning to Peddle

For the first timers, they may have trouble with the mechanics of pedaling. To help, put the training wheel on two catalogs or phone books so that the back tire spin freely. Help your child on the bike and placing your hands on their feet, help them pedal. In a very short time, they should be able to peddle without your help. Once you and they feel confortable with pedaling, remove the bike from books and have them try pedaling on a flat surface.


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  1. Jennie Steele July 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    Awesome. Great basic tips. Love how you guys keep it real…and fun. Thanks! Will be in…

  2. Ahmed December 1, 2015 at 3:03 am #

    There are 3 general caeiogrets of exercise bike:1. Upright resistance. The upright uses a flywheel or fan for resistance. Stay away from the fan since they are much louder. Flywheel types often use belts or other friction material so always check them if buying a used one.2. Recumbent. This is the one where you sit low to the ground and put your legs out forward. These are good if you have a back condition. The only true way to see if you like them is to try them for a workout. They have similar resistance units to the upright types.3. Spinner. These have a direct drive meaning they don’t allow you to stop pedaling unless you have an emergency stop device. They are probably the best workout, but are definitely not for everyone especially if you have knee trouble.A quick and dirty way to see the condition of the unit is to check ride it, check the pedals for wear and if they’re bent. You’ll also be able to listen and see if the resistance unit feels smooth and quiet. If not, something is wrong and walk away.Try all 3 types out at a local health club. That’s the best way to see what works for you. You can often pay for just one visit and not have to get a membership.Try the local classifieds and CraigsList in you local for a used one and hopefully have a friend with minivan or pickup. Used is the only way that you’ll get a worthwhile unit for low cost.

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